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CBD 1500mg Oil


1500mg (Peppermint) Super Dose

Benefits & Indications:

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Description & Ingredients:
MoreLife Market’s Full Spectrum 1500mg herbal drops contain 100% USA oil full hemp extract and also can contain, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, phenols, and flavonoids that provide the entourage effect. Our CBD is made from organic hemp cultivated in the USA and grown and produced by non-GMO and organic supercritical CO2 extraction, which provides a gentle approach to producing high-quality hemp oil extract and tinctures that contain the most immediate benefits of CBD and are recommended for overall wellness and bodily maintenance.

1-ounce dropper

For general use take approximately 1/2 dropper in the evening time, adapt according to your Ayurvedic needs. If Vata is out of balance then 1 full dropper may be necessary every evening.
Our tinctures allow for consistent dosing of CBD since they come with measured droppers. Drops are best because sublingual administration diffuses quickly into the blood through tissues under the tongue. It’s helpful to hold the oil under the tongue for 20 seconds.
CBD taken alone is helpful and one will feel the benefits, however, when it is combined with Ayurvedic herbs like Sadhu Soma the power is enhanced tremendously. According to classical Ayurvedic wisdom, herbs are rarely recommended to be taken alone. This is why classical formulas included a large variety of herbs to support the intended use and promote the balance of the doshas, increase prevention, and promote longevity (ayus).

*Below are the products that will enhance the benefits of CBD and vice versa.
Sadhu Soma Herbal capsules, Vata Body Oil, Tri-Dosha Oil, MBN Oil, and Pranify nasal drops.

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