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Sleep Bundle


Get the best night’s sleep! Save with our Sleep Bundle. Sadhu Soma herbal blend, Vata body oil, Cozy Calm Tea, and CBD oil (1500mg) to nourish your nervous system, calm your mind and body, and support deep sleep. Save $7.53 

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Save with our Sleep Bundle. Get these 4 premium Ayurvedic products: Sadhu Soma herbal blend, Vata body oil, Cozy Calm Tea, and CBD oil (1500mg) to nourish your nervous system, calm your mind and body, and support deep sleep.

Sadhu Soma Herbal Formula: Enjoy a state of calmness, clarity, and relaxation. Sadhu Soma assists in soothing the nervous system and calms the mind, it also improves memory and concentration, and supports deep sleep and your meditation practice.

Vata Body Oil: Perfect oil to soothe the nervous system and reduce Vata in the body to help support deep sleep.

Cozy Calm Tea: Is perfect tea before bedtime to soothe and calm the entire body and mind.

CBD 1500mg A powerful 1500mg CBD supports the other Vata reducing products to help you sleep better.


Directions: Get the most out of your bundle. Below are general recommendations for all constitutional types (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).

    • CBD 1500mg – Take 1/2 – 1 full dropper in the evening or just before bedtime. It is best to place the liquid under the tongue for best absorption.
    • Sadhu Soma Herbal formula – It is best to take at least 2 capsules twice per day with meals.
  • Massage the body with Vata Body oil – According to Ayurveda oil massage is best done in the morning time when the Kapha period (6 am – 10 am) is taking place because massage stimulates circulation and mobility when it is most needed. One massage per day is ideal, however, a more practical approach would be one day on and one day off. It is best to warm the oil by placing the bottle in a warm cup of water or placing it in your sink. After massaging the body or the affected area any type of sweat therapy is recommended like sauna, steam, or simply taking a hot shower. *Applying the oil before yoga asana practice deepens the benefits, promotes sweating, increases flexibility, and reduces lactic acid build-up.
  • Drink Cozy Calm – Sip on Cozy Calm an hour before bedtime to prepare the nervous system to begin to calm down for sleep.
  • Meditation & Breath work – Sit in silence with eye’s closed and uplifted to the spiritual eye (point between the eye brows) and observe the breath flow effortlessly. Slowly, as the mind becomes calmer, the nervous system will become more relaxed. Begin with five minutes and gradually increase each week as peace increases. Try to practice meditation before sleep so that the subconscious mind becomes purified of the days impressions.

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