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Ayurvedic Oils

The powerful effects of our body oils is a result of specialized processes that can only be created in India. As an Ayurvedic practitioner Mas understands the importance of self massage (abhyanga) and learned the ancient manner of preparing these oils is hardly possible to replicate outside of India .

Ayurvedic Herbal Oils

Super Foods

Our super foods embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda and can help support and integral approach to health and wellness. Our products are super because they are created as synergistic blends that combine multiple herbs and spices that aid each other and increase the benefits towards healing.

Ayurvedic Super Foods

Yoga Herbs

Our herbal products are designed to enhance your yoga practice (sadhana), this includes meditation the highest aspect of yoga.

Herbs for Yoga

Yogi Chai

This special MoreLife chai blend is enhanced with turmeric and shilajit both of which are extremely beneficial for enhancing yoga practice and used by yogis for millenniums.

Chai Tea Products

Lifestyle Support

Both Yoga & Ayurveda are best defined in the way we live in the world. How we live in relationship to nature and all living things is what defines being spiritual.

Lifestyle Products

CBD Products

MoreLife began exploring the healing and medicinal properties of the hemp plant and its use as an alternative or addition to Western medicine over a decade ago. We use our own products and have seen proven results!

CDB Herbal Products

Premium Ayurvedic Products for an Evolutionary Lifestyle

MoreLife Market products Promote Evolutionary Living

Our intention is to offer premium Ayurvedic products that promote an optimum level lifestyle, including profound physical wellness based on the Ayurvedic science of Tri-dosha (vata, pitta and kapha) to invigorate your yoga practice, deepen meditation and promote longevity. The concept of evolutionary living is founded on happiness as the true measure of success. I like to say, “health and happiness are the new rich”.

Live Ayurveda, Practice Yoga, and let the Divine take care of the rest.

MoreLife Products Unique Features

Certified Organic

Certified organic

Original medicinal chai

Original medicinal chai
without black tea

No excipients in our capsules

No excipients in
our capsules

108 veggie caps per bottle

108 veggie caps per bottle
(800 – 900mg per capsule)

Created by a yogi to support evolutionary living

Created by a yogi to support
evolutionary living

5:1 ratio extracts added to pure herbs

5:1 ratio extracts added
to pure herbs

help support charities

Our products help
support charities

Live an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Animal Advocacy

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Education of Yogic Knowledge

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Organic is Good For All

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Victory over Virus with Mas Vidal

Mas shares wisdom principles on how Ayurveda can be used to strengthen the immune system and much more.

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