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Vata Bundle


Get the best of the best for Vata dosha! Whether you are primarily Vata dosha, or if you are Vata imbalanced, or wanting to keep your Vata in balance during Autumn season. This bundle is for you. Save $4.50

Get 3 of our best Vata balancing products: Sadhu Soma, Triphala Ghee, Vata Body Oil, & CBD Oil (750mg).

*Please note: Coupons cannot be applied to bundles.

Save on our Vata Bundle. Get these 4 premium Ayurvedic herbal, Triphala ghee, Vata body oil, and CBD (750mg) products to help support your Vata dosha during autumn & spring.

Triphala Ghee: Ghee is the original SuperFood! Triphala Ghee offers you the best medicines together. The classic herbal formula, Triphala is extremely beneficial for digestion & strengthening metabolism to promote bowel regularity.

Vata Body Oil: Maintain a balanced Vata dosha all year round, especially during the fall and spring seasons. Vata Body Oil warm & strengthens the tissues, and calms the nervous system. . Self massage with it daily or weekly to help combat the excess stimulation of the modern lifestyle that increases Vata dosha.

Sadhu Soma: Enjoy a state of calmness, clarity, and relaxation. Sadhu Soma assists in soothing the nervous system and calms the mind, it also improves memory and concentration, and supports deep sleep and your meditation practice.

Plus, CBD (750mg): Full Spectrum Herbal CBD Oil to compliment the other Vata-Balancing products in this bundle.


Directions: Get the most out of your bundle. Below are general recommendations for all constitutional types (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).

  • Cooking with Triphala ghee – Ghee is a remarkable oil that can be used for cooking and does not need to be refrigerated. Since this ghee includes the compound Triphala it is best not to cook with it as the heat may reduce the medicinal properties of the Triphala. Thus, add 1-2 teaspoons to your dish once it is ready to eat. Triphala ghee is commonly added to toast, warm cereals and even just drunk with warm water in the morning and some fresh ground pepper to kindle one’s digestive fire (agni).
  • Massaging the Vata Body oil – According to Ayurveda oil massage is best done in the morning time when the Kapha period (6 am – 10 am) is taking place because massage stimulates circulation and mobility when it is most needed. However, Vata dosha is increased between 2-5 pm and thus this becomes another ideal time to massage the oil to calm and ground the mind and nervous system. One massage per day is ideal, however, a more practical approach would be one day on and one day off. It is best to warm the oil by placing the bottle in a warm cup of water or placing it in your sink. After massaging the body or the affected area any type of sweat therapy is recommended like sauna, steam, or simply taking a hot shower.
  • Taking Sadhu Soma Herbal capsules – Best taken with meals, a mild to moderate dose is about 4 capsules per day, for stronger results take 6 capsules per day or two capsules with each meal. Optional: The traditional manner of taking herbs is in powder form, thus the capsules can be opened and poured into your cup of warm-hot water with a teaspoon of honey.
  • Taking CBD – Finding the right dose of CBD can be a tricky thing which depends on many factors related to dosha type, age, and one’s overall sensitivity to herbal medicines? For general issues related to monkey mind, sleep issues, or just wanting to increase feeling calm and centered a simple dose would be about 1/2 to 1 full dropper taken in the evening or before bed. For a stronger effect, this same dose can be done twice per day. In cases where a person is trying to overcome inflammation or heal from scar tissue build-up, we suggest the twice-a-day dose and in some cases, we recommend bumping up to our 1500mg CBD Oil and also taking two 25mg isolate capsules per day.
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