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Vata Bundle


Get the best of the best for Vata dosha! Whether you are primarily Vata dosha, or if you are Vata imbalanced, or wanting to keep your Vata in balance during Autumn season. This bundle is for you. Save $4.50

Get 3 of our best Vata balancing products: Sadhu Soma, Triphala Ghee, & Vata Body Oil.

*Please note: Coupons cannot be applied to bundles.

Save on our Vata Bundle. Get these 3 premium Ayurvedic herbal, ghee, and oil products to help support your Vata dosha during autumn & spring.

Triphala Ghee: Ghee is the original SuperFood! Triphala Ghee offers you the best medicines together. The classic herbal formula, Triphala is extremely beneficial for digestion & strengthening metabolism to promote bowel regularity.

Vata Body Oil: Maintain a balanced Vata dosha all year around, especially during the fall and spring seasons. Vata Body Oil warm & strengthens the tissues, calms the nervous system. . Self massage with it daily or weekly to help combat the excess stimulation of modern lifestyle that increases Vata dosha.

Sadhu Soma: Enjoy a state of  calmness, clarity, and relaxation. Sadhu Soma assists in soothing the nervous system and calms the mind, improves memory and concentration, supports deep sleep and your meditation practice.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 6 in

Antique, Engraved, Plain

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